Thursday, December 07, 2006

City of Los Angeles - Basic Political Facts: Peoples

The best introduction of the diversity of Los Angeles, California is viewing the population satistics which went in the recent political campaigns of Fall of 2006:

With Glendale and Burbank included the Valley's population is now 1.74 million, larger than every U.S. city except New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston. The U.S. Census Bureau's first-ever breakout of the Valley's population finds that it's within a percentage point or two of Los Angeles, plus or minus, in most major categories. But the Valley is whiter, has less poverty, is slightly more foreign born and a little more likely to drive. Data is from 2005 and derived from an Excel spreadsheet at the website of Rep. Brad Sherman.
Snapshot of selected numbers I found interesting (i.e., categories don't necessarily add to 100%):
Population total: 1,742,760Female: 50.25%Male: 49.75%Median age: 35.3
White: 60.9% (Los Angeles 51%)White not Hispanic: 42.7% (Los Angeles 28.4%)Hispanic: 41.6% (Los Angeles 48.9%)Asian: 10.6% (Los Angeles 11.4%)African American: 3.9% (Los Angeles 9.9%)
Foreign-born: 711,185 (40.81% of total) → Latin America 21.4% → Asia 15.1%Naturalized U.S. citizens: 330,520 (18.9%)Non-citizens: 380,665 (21.8%)Foreign-born who entered since 2000: 117,410 (6.7%)Language spoken at home (of age 5 and over): → English only 41.2% → Spanish 62.5%
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